Edible Flower is an organic farm located in the Portland Oregon area. We seasonally grow a variety of organic produce. Our herbs, flowers and vegetables are all greenhouse grown by farmers who have been certified Master of Organics by Oregon Tilth. Organic produce is a smart choice because no pesticides or fertilizers are ever used.

Flowers and herbs have been used for culinary purposes for centuries. They add an extra dimension to salads, desserts, sauces, soups or an entree. Ancient cultures utilized fennel, violets and roses to add scent, color and flavor in their dishes.

Today there is renewed interest in edible flowers. They are a healthy alternative to salt and sugar as seasoning. They can also be added to butter, oils and vinegar or used as a garnish to add beauty, color and flavor to your dishes.

View some of our ever changing inventory on our Products Page. We deliver locally or will ship anywhere in the United States.

Taste what organically grown really means, richer flavor!

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